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I've been hearing some stuff lately about "magnate hospitals". Could someone elaborate more on this -- I only know the basics. What are the qualities needed to get recognized as a magnate hospital?... Read More

  1. by   lauralassie
    I work for a magnet hospital, it's a joke as well. Told it isn't in the budget to go for ccrn or cen. The other night we worked with 3 rn's when there are supposed to be 9 in a 28 be ER , with an average of 200 people seen a day. There are enough bosses too many rules, not enough hours in a day for the staff to get all their little boxes checked. But , with all of that they can send all of us to an 8 hour class on coustoumer service. is in a nice facility , give us all books, and then tell us that we had to work another 8 hour day to make up for the day they sent us. They payed that speaker for 5 days of 8 hour classes (an inspirational speaker). Of course , the entire staff went to the workshop, housekeepers, rn's, techs etc,, (no Dr's of course) Everyone thought is was a joke.
  2. by   boztc
    Magnet Status is a joke. It has become nothing more than a marketing tool for Corporate health care.

    The original concept was initiated to identify hospitals that valued nursing excellence so that NURSES could choose employers that appreciated their committment to patient care.

    The hospitals proudly display banners that proclaim they have "the best nurses." Who are they trying to attract, nurses....or patients? I think we know the answer.