MA ,, heart attack ,,,,,dughhhh!

  1. Funny things I've heard from pt's in the past few weeks. PT; "I had an MA; "MA"...Whats's an MA ?" PT; "Heart attack,,,,,Duhhhhh !. " She needs to be seen she has "sick as Hell anemia". Dilada is the liqued form of Dilaudid, it works much better for me. :chuckle " I got my std from Zoloft "(? sp too spent to look it up). What, do you mean you got an STD from Zoloft ? "well , I saw on a TV comercial that Zoloft can cause seXual side effects" :smackingf How did that get up you rectum ? "I got high, it sounded like a good idea at the time." :beercuphe An officer that was sitting in our er said the weirdest call he got was from a man that said there had been an assualt. He took info. The guy then said it was a rape. So the well inteding officer went to the house-asked where the victum was and he said , "you need to arrest my neighbor", the officer said "why ?".. The guy said , cause he's the one who raped my dog , and I got pictures to prove it. OH, MY GOOOSH !!!!! :roll :roll :roll
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  3. by   Katnip
    I recently saw an article where a couple of guys raped a puppy. The authorities weren't sure they pup would survive because of internal injuries, and were looking for the men. So I'm not surprised about the last one.