1. HI every one!
    Today my mom was diagnosed with Lupus. I am still a student and not sure what this means. I have done some research on-line to night and I am really scared. She said its just a joint disorder, and that the doc gave her "Bextra". I also did some research on this drug as well. It seems there are a few different kinds of Lupus. I think hers is the mildest, she only has joint pain. Im curious if it can lead to the other problems w/ lungs and heart. I am really scared right now, and have no one to talk to! If any one has any info on this, or knows someone w/ it,i would appreciate any info.........thanks.

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  3. by   rachel h
    I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this! Honestly, I can't say I know much about lupus- I think we just barely touched on it in school. I think the best thing to do is to keep researching it. Knowledge is power. Also, you may be able to find support groups on line for people with lupus or those who have family members with lupus. Good Luck!
  4. by   sharann
    I hope this helps, try

    I can tell you that it is autoimmune and the symptoms can be managed with appropriate and vigilant medical assistance (a good doc).
    Hang in there, hope mom is ok.
  5. by   sharann
    By the way, the above link is one I browsed through, I think it has much helpful info. You can also do a GOOGLE search using "lupus" as your query term.
  6. by   hapeewendy
    I have lupus
    and there is still a lot that isnt known about lupus, I agree that you should be educated but dont get scared and start suffering from information overload...
    anytime you want to talk or if I can help out at all PM me
    hugs to your mom