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  1. As some of you might remember I am trying to get back into nursing after a 4 yr rest (June Cleaver thing) I cannot do the 12 hr shifts the hospitals here demand. That would be too much time in daycare for the little one. The nursing homes have a 6-2 shift that wold be a be more manageable. I have never done LTC and was wondering the ups and downs of it. Would any recommend it over hospital work? More or less stress? How hard is the physical labor part of it? The pay is about the same as the hospital so that doesnt factor into it. I really have no idea what I might be getting myself into and dont want to jump into it if its worse then hospital work. Any info from you pros helpful!
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  3. by   AJACKT33Z
    I have 19 yrs in LTC and I see you are from Texas ( ca. & texas are the only states that call licensed nurses "LVN'S instead of LPN'S), but that's another story. I know a lot of ups & downs r.e. ltc nursing. I can't do the 12 hr. shifts either, I am exhausted. The only thing is, you wish to compare the two(hosp vs what is basically caring for end-of-life frailties & not seeing much of your pts. improve their ability to live w/o that continued nursing assist. I will be able to give you much info, but as which is better....I defer to other colleques(sp?) who may be better able to give BOTH sides. If more info needed (on ltc side) I will be around q.d.x 1 week (have time off from job) just yell "HEY JACK"!! I'll respond. ok?
  4. by   Retired Nurse
    You are comparing apples and oranges.
    I had 27 years in LTC. I feel nurses in LTC need to be more independent and able to make decisions. You don't have the Dr.s at your elbow every minute. You are the one to call them, to let them know what is going on and when you need things. You get to know your residents. They become almost like family.
    Our facility (a small rural hospital) had acute care downstairs. I feel almost all LTC nurses would make it ok in the hospital setting, but not all hospital nurses would be comfortable in a LTC setting.