LPN's in the ED

  1. The use of LPN's in the ED. Has this been successful?
    Any viewpoints on scope of practice, types of skills and liability issues. Also looking for training program within the ED. Thanks for your input
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  3. by   cactus wren
    LPN`s in ED? Why not? helps if they are IV certified. Maybe not done in larger hospitals alot, but the small ones I prefer have always had LPN`s, not alone, have a RN on shift also.at least here in Az. When I was in a small hospital in NM, the Ed was sometimes staffed with inly a LPN, but the scope of practice in NM is larger, about the only thing a RN does that a LPN can`t do is be "charge".Now she had like 20 years experiance, and had spent lots of time in Ed.....the stories she could tell......