1. I am currently an LPN that wants to become an RN.... I am from Manitoba, Canada and want to know if there are any others who have tried this from Canada through a US course or if they stayed in Canada and if they did that, how to transfer registration at a later date....Any info would be beneficial because this process is mind boggling....

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  3. by   EdmontonAB
    Just wondering what you have found out about getting your RN through the states. I just started the LPN to BN program through Athabasca in AB. I was worried about doing the program through the States and trying to get registered here in Canada. I know it's not to bad going the other way but it takes longer then it used to. I would be interested in any info you have on doing it through the stated though as I have just started.

  4. by   blindfingers
    Funkc...I've been looking at diploma RN to BScN and the thing I see about the states is that it costs a lot more than here in Canada!! That's probably true too for LPN to RN.
  5. by   funkc
    I know that it is more expensive in Canada but some regulatorty bodies will not recognize your American course. I didn't want to start and then finish only to find out I could not become a RN or BN in Manitoba....