LPN Programs..know of any?

  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone know of a distance ed LPN program...similar to the Regents for the RN? I was notified yesterday that I am accepted into the Regents program, but I'm still not sure if I want to go that route. I would like to look into an LPn program and do that until the RN program here opens up in 2005. But, there aren't any LPN programs in my area...the closest is 4 hours away.

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  3. by   ornurse2001
    I don't know of any external LPN programs.As you know if you have investigated Regents' external degree program, these programs are intended for those whom already have a clinical basis with experience.Having been an LPN for 12 yrs and a Regents College RN graduate, I can tell you that you need to possess good assessment skills and a broad experience base to be successful in the Regents program.As a CMA, you must possess at least some of these skills to be accepted into Regents and LPN/CMA wages probably don't differ that much(?)so why this extra step of becoming an LPN first?If you don't have alot of clinical experience in giving medications, and doing patient assessments of different body systems I do highly suggest taking any opportuniy you can to gain more experience in these areas before attempting to pass the Regents College CPNE which is the clinical exam that tests your abilities in these areas.Good Luck and hang in there.