Looking for New Grad. programes in Melbourne, Australia

  1. Hi there!
    Im about to finish my nursing degree in July, in NZ - i want to move to Melbourne and find a new graduate programme there (im not too fussed if its central melb. or not) - however i'm finding it difficult to find any that have mid year intakes (ie august/september). If anyone has ANY ideas or even private hospitals they know of that might take a new grad under their wing, i would be SO gratefull!
    Thanks a ton!
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  3. by   Koalablue
    The Royal Melbourne Hospital has an August/September intake. They just recently came to our university to give their `come work for us' presentation. Sounds pretty good!

    Have a look ... Graduate Program

    They said they are taking about 80 -100 new grads next year (and they have a fair few New Zelanders usually ).
  4. by   Bumble-V
    Thanks a bunch! Really appreciate it.