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I was wandering. Someone told me the other day that OB nurses and Peds nurses are the worse to work for cause they are the two floors that has the most law suits. Is that correct? I am supposed to... Read More

  1. by   hapeewendy
    people sue for all kinds of stupid reasons
    namely their own guilt
    its far easier to blame the health care professionals who treated your loved one then it is to face the facts of the situation , like you never came to visit your mother , or you and your sisters were too busy to come to a family meeting to decide on the care plan for your father etc etc
    its just a statement on society today , we are lawsuit happy, healthcare is no exception sadly.
    a lot of times nursing gets the brunt of the legal action and meanderings of lawyers because we are on the frontlines , caring for these patients 24/7,makes us easy targets
    whenever I think about lawsuits and the like my mind instantly flashes back to the mcdonalds suit where the person sued mcdonalds becuase the hot coffee they chose to put between their legs while driving burned their thighs when they had to come to a stop at a stoplight......
    that my friends is stupidity personified and if that kind of stupidity is rewarded surely people can get a few bucks for the suffering of their loved ones at the hands of the evil nurses and doctors right?