Leaving 'bedside' nursing....

  1. Hey all,
    As some of you may know...I have interviewed for a clinic telephone triage job within my facility. I am very excited about it because it's always something I've wanted to do. It seems challenging (triaging a patient you can't physically see), I will get to work with computers a lot(which I love), and it will be physically less demanding on me. I also can still work with patients but not directly..(which appeals to me).

    Anywho..if I get the job..I will be leaving the med/surg position that I have held for 6 years now. For the most part...my current job is ok....but I'm beginning to feel burnout (at age 28) and a lot of times I feel like a servant, a housekeeper, a go-fer', a cook, a waitress,etc. A lot of patients do appreciate my care...but a lot don't as well. I'm tired of running my behind off and not feeling any sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. We've also just gone critical access and i feel like the doc's are holding on to patients way too long (for reimbursement reasons) and therefore we are left with patients that are physically well enough to be discharged, but aren't. They are in turn feeling better so they turn into needy and demanding whiners that want us in there room constantly....reaching a kleenex for them...when it's 5 inches away from them,etc. While I'm busy answering these pointless lights...other patients that really need me are being neglected. I don't know...I guess I'm just feeling used and abused and I really don't give a hoot about bedside nursing anymore.

    I know this triage job will have it's ups and downs...but I just feel that I need a break from bedside nursing. Sure..I will have ungreatful and sometimes upset folks to deal with on the phone....but after all is said and done...you hang up the phone and you are on to something else. Right now..I come back night after night and the same people are always there... Sometimes they've been discharged and are back again...aggggghhhhhhhh.

    Anyways...I think this post has a point....oh yeah...I was looking for some comments on those that have left bedside nursing for "desk-like jobs"...i.e triage, review, case management, administrative,teaching...etc. Do you miss the direct patient care?? Do you feel like your technical skills are being lost?? Is it less stressful...or maybe a different kind of stress?? I'm really interested in hearing what y'all have to say. I guess right now...if I do get the job...I would like to still do casual call on my med/surg unit....just so I don't totally lose my skills...but we'll see...I guess I have to get the job first...right??? Ok..thanks everyone..
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