least "stressful" type/area of nursing?

  1. I've been an RN since 92. When a new grad I worked first on a very busy oncology unit in a downtown city hospital. What a great opportunity it was. I only, unfortunately, lasted around 6 months. I honestly couldn't handle the stress. I'm a bit ADD to begin with, as well as OCD (great, huh?) so I never felt that I could fully do an adequate job with the resources available (there was never enough time no matter how well I was able to prioritize). I eventually went into an out patient chemo clinic (which I loved) for 8 years, then, for a change home care. I've been in home care now for around 7 years. I fantasize about returning to the hospital as I would like to learn new skills and further challenge myself. What I am wanting to know is if you all could give me some in-put on what areas within the hospital setting would be the least stressful (is there any such animal?). I do have a pre-disposition (and history) of clinical depression and anxiety. I am an excellent nurse but am trying to look out for myself so that I can remain healthy/balanced and efficient/effective!!! I am interested in peds and believe it or not ER!!!! Thanks, guys and gals!
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  3. by   CritterLover
    no, i don't think there is such an animal..... all nursing is stressful, as i'm sure you know by now.

    which area is the least stressful is going to depend on you, your talents, strenghts, weaknesses and aptitudes.

    in my relativly short (esp compared to you) nursing career, i've worked in several different areas. to me, icu/er is the least stressful. i could never do med-surg and take care of all of those patients with the doors closed, no monitors, no large glass doors with the curtians slightly open.

    (i had a resident tell me once that an icu nurse should never be floated to the floor because we just can't accept that a patient just might not require q2h vital signs, and we bug the **** out of our patients!)

    if you think you'd be good at peds or er, give it a shot. shadow a nurse for a shift. i can tell you that er fits my add tendencies quite well.

    good luck.
  4. by   psychnurse37
    Nursing is a stressful job, but some areas or units more so than others. If peds is a dream, go for it. If ER is a dream, go for it. Or combine the two and work in a pediatric Er (yes, there are some in the bigger hospitals)
    As a psych nurse, I can tell you, your history of depression, anxiety, ADD and OCD could benefit you as a RN on a psych ward, or with child/adolescent mental/behavioral patients. You have personal experience and can empathize with the patients. A lot of my staff feels like we help each other and care for each other in order to make it through the day, and we a very close knit group!
    Best of luck in your career choices!
  5. by   ertravelrn
    Perhaps the observation unit of the ER. It is generally for patients that don't need to be admitted, but that can be helped in less than 23 hours to feel better, or the CP pts with normal ekgs, trops, who will be stressed the next day. Sometimes things happen and it gets stressful, but mostly is the easiest job I have ever done.