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  1. Hi .. Some background: I am a relatively new nursing student, working toward my AA degree and an RN certification. I have recently started as a PCA (patient care associate; a kind of uncertified CNA) at my local hospital .. Two questions:

    1.) Do you think my experience as a PCA (which will total 2+ years by the time I am finished with nursing school) will help me start out at a higher pay rate as an RN?

    2.) I see A LOT of language problems with English-as-a-second-language PCAs, LVNs and even RNs as related to their patient interaction. ie. I have personally seen patient care employees tell patients "I can't understand you!" and walk away when I clearly understood what the pt was trying to communicate. Without my having been there, the pt's request would not have been honored. I myself often cannot understand what some of my co-workers are saying. It's ridiculous!!! Does this bother anyone else? I am not in the least racist, BUT I am really bothered by the treatment (or lack thereof) elderly, disoriented patients are getting from some of these hospital employees.

    I live in Los Angeles, which has a higher immigrant population, so maybe its a local thing? Let me know your feedback?

  2. Poll: Are English-as-a-second-language co-workers negatively impacting patient care?

    • Yes, I see it all the time. It bothers me a lot.

      30.77% 4
    • Yeah .. I have noticed this before.

      23.08% 3
    • Occasionally, but it's not a real problem.

      23.08% 3
    • Not at all; I don't even know what you're talking about.

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  4. by   mmnursewannabee
    I'm sorry to hear your problem. I have been in the US for 3 years and four months now and currently working as an administrative assistant. I have improved so much in spoken english and my friends tell me I sounded like I have been in US for many years not just three. Anyway, I got better in spoken English because I tried very hard to learn the accent. I listen carefully to how other people communicate. I listen to pronounciation cd's, own books on american slang etc. I did my best to fit in US because I am in US. I hope these foreign workers would try to be respectful enough to learn the English language so they can do their jobs. I do not think that language is the problem here but the foreign workers attitude towards the problem at hand. They need to learn English because they are working in US.