L&D and Peds RN relocating to Orlando Fl.

  1. Hi All!
    My husband and I have decided to make the intimidating leap of moving to Orlando, Fl to be closer to family and hopefully a better quality of life for us and our kids. I have come to terms with the large pay cut I will experience compared to my NY salary, but I am trying to get some feedback regarding some of the negative comments I have read.

    1. poor treatment of nurses, with high pt ratios and lack of encouragement of further education such as MSN or NP?

    2. If the comments are true about high pt ratio's is the also applicable to the maternal-child

    3. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which hospitals in the Orlando area offer a good balance with respect to treatment of their nurses, pay, and benefits?

    4. Has anyone every negotiated salary as an RN? is this an option?

    5. I've looked into so far:
    ---Winnie palmer Hospital
    ---Arnold Palmer
    ---Fl Hospital of Kissimmee

    Anyone have any input regarding these hospitals in the Pediatric/ PICU/ NICU or Labor and Delivery area? I currently have about 3 years work of L & D experience, and 1 &1/2 years of Peds with NICU/ PICU float exp. I also have charge experience on peds.

    This process is starting to make me want to pull my hair out so any guidance is much appreciated. I don't know any nurses in this area to bounce any questions off of .

    Any input is greatly appreciated!
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