know of any 9-12 month LPN to RN programs?

  1. He all.
    There is a college called Sanford - Brown College that has a straight 12 month LPN to RN used to be a 9 month program, but think it was too intense and had to extend it to 12 months. Does anyone know of similar programs in the United States? no particular state, any states.
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  3. by   JSB
    Athens Technical College in Athens, GA has an LPN to RN bridge program that is excellent. It starts with an intensive summer bridge in June, and then the LPNs go to regular classes with the graduating class of RN students from September to June. It's a 12 month program. PM me if you need contact information.
  4. by   movealong
    Regents' from New York might be 1 year program..
  5. by   Repat
    I just 'googled' LPN to RN, and came up with many possibilities. Give it a try!
  6. by   rjflyn
    Indian Hills Community College in Iowa has one. You can do it in a year or 3 if you go the night program route. Starts the first part of June so its too late this year. The class is the second half of there RN program ie after the first year you can test and work as an LPN if you choose- but they also hold a few slots for LPN's and people that didnt get in to the full ADN program the first time.

    Also of note they have NO prereq's for their RN program ie go in to it right out of high school.

  7. by   boggle
    I'm not sure what part of the country you are in, but several community colleges in the Great Lakes area have bridge programs that run about 12 months. Good luck.