Just wondering.....

  1. I am just a little curious. I am going to be starting nursing school soon....and I am wondering what a starting nurses wages are...and then what they will become with experience.
    I am so excited! I love people and I also love helping people!!! I cant wait!!
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  3. by   RNKim2002
    It all depends on your field and your region of the country.
    Here in the MidAtlantic, starting wages for a Med-Surg position for a new grad is about $18-$21/hour.
  4. by   AngelinchRN
    CONGRATS to you for choosing nursing as a career! It is a challenging, rewarding and ever-changing field! As you go through nursing school-or even before-if you hear of a Career Fair check out any employers about nursing wages in your area. My advice would be to stick to a hospital of your choice for an initial employer. They generally pay competitively and you will gain experience initially that you will utilize your entire career. There are many options for nurses these days-all with varying degrees of challenge and skill building as well as pay scales-no matter what part of the country you live in. Best of luck to you!