Job shadowing for a clinic RN position: how long do I stay?

  1. So I am an RN with one year of acute care experience as an Ortho-surgical RN. I don't quite think the hospital setting is for me, so close to my one year anniversary, I decided to apply for clinic RN positions. Prior to nursing, I was an MA/Medical receptionist for years in different clinics, so I like the environment. I got an interview and they have asked me to shadow. I am very keen on it since I will get to see what it's like, but the tricky part is: she said I can stay as long as I like. How long should I stay? How long do most people shadow for? I want to make a good impression and I want to learn as much as I can. But I would be crushed if I stayed for a whole day and didn't get offered the job! Any thoughts anyone? thanks!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    I'd plan on staying the entire shift. It's only one day and it shows that you are dedicated and very interested in the job. If the boss or the person you're shadowing suggests you leave earlier, then don't feel obligated to stay. The difference between five and eight hours isn't much for you, but it could be important to a potential employer.
  4. by   nurseavqz
    Thank you Ashley!!! I think you're right!
  5. by   jahra
    I agree, stay for the day and ask good questions. If you feel its is a
    good job fit for you, say so with enthusiasm! Relax, learn, and
    try the clinic job on for size.

    Best wishes and please keep us updated!
  6. by   luvapug
    One shadow day I did I stayed for 8 hrs (I was given the choice of 4 or 8 hrs) and one where they asked me to stay for an hour right after my interview so I stayed for about 2 hrs. I would stay as long as they let you. It does show you're interested in learning but it's also good to listen in and see how the staff feels (are they complaining?, about what?, do they seem to enjoy their jobs?, etc.) I turned down a job because I figured if the staff complained that much around someone applying for the job then they either didn't care whether they got new people, it had a whole set of problems I wasn't ready for,or they felt comfortable enough around me to vent their true feelings. I didn't want to be around co-workers so negative and and I didn't want to work for a place that had so much to complain about. Also, if they are asking you to shadow they do think you may be a good fit for them so in order to stand out from other applicants act friendly, confident, and enthusiastic and definately stay as long as they let you. It would be sad if you didn't get the job but at least that way you know you gave it all you had. Good luck! Sounds like a good move for you! Hope it works out!