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  1. I live on the coast in Alabama the ER i work in is about to stop scheduling the mandatory overtime we have been getting. I have heard of all the big money being paid in New Orleans for prn work. I am just looking for anybody currently working in new orleans that could give me some info. I have noticed most of the websites and newspapers dont list $$ and i dont wnat to get tied up in long conversations with recruiters just yet.

    thanks in advance
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  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    I live near New Orleans (not near enough to commute though) and several of my fellow graduates started working over there a year ago. I know of a rehab hospital that was paying pretty good (in the $20-23/hr range for full-time new grads), but most of my classmates started around $17-19 and I don't know what they topped out at.

    Of course with PRN, you get paid more for working without benes, I'm sure around the $30 range would probably be pretty close. Have you checked into any travel agencies? I know the hospitals in the small-compared-to-New Orleans city I live in use travelers, so I'm sure they do too.