IV Push Meds Question - page 2

I was wondering if you could help a student out :uhoh3: We started IV push meds in Pharm. and got a question about CALCULATING push time, NOT THE ACTUAL PUSH TIME. I know you have to look in the... Read More

  1. by   Elisheva
    I used to push a little and stop because I didn't trust my trigger happy self.
  2. by   tuismomma
    if u take the total vol to be pushed and divide by 4 you get the vol given in a quarter of the time then you take the total time in secs and divide by 4 and get the quarter time ex: 2ml of (med) over 2mins 2/4= 0.5ML then 2mins(120 secs)/4=30 secs so you have to give 0.5ml of that med in 30 secs and so on 1ml in 60 secs, 1.5 ml in 90secs, 2ml in 120 secs