Is it just me or all nurses?? - page 2

I really want to know if this is just me going into what I've dubbed "stupid mode" or if all nurses do this. When my eldest son was born in distress I should have known, it was obvious, but I was... Read More

  1. by   cannie
    You're not alone. Some nurses know when to seek treatment but I tend to minimize my ailments. Three years ago I had a HA for days that wouldn't go away and got progressively worse. Our insurance was bad so I tried to self treat. Finally, my husband forced me to the ER. I couldn't make my hands do what my brain was telling them to. I had meningitis. I take my kids in for just about anything (our insurance is much better now) and usually end up being told what I already know. Won't take a chance with my kids but I seem to be expendable in my own mind. I'm also unwilling, along with my employer, to take time off for illness. This isin't doing our patients any good but with the shortage there's an unspoken "You better be on your deathbed if you call in sick" attitude at the ICU I work in. This is very dangerous for our patients but so is overworking us. What can be done? Is there a solution? I like any comments on this subject. We seem to be in a catch 22.