Is Case Management for ME?

  1. I am currently a disability examiner for SSA. I have an active caseload of between 130-160 claims. I have to order medical, review medical charts, labs, etc and decide if these individuals are disabled based on SSA rules. I have been doing this for 5 years now. I am also currently getting a RN degree in May. I decided to return to school because I missed contact with others. I have been told that with my BS in biology, my 5 years with SSA doing claims, and my RN degree, that a case management position would be ideal for me. I would hate to waste my 5 years of experience here if I go to a floor RN position. However, I really don't know alot about the CM. Is case management similar to that of disability claims? I would think workman's comp and insurance claims are similar to that of disability b/c they both have similar guidelines. When I graduate I have SOO many options as a RN. I could go straight into med/surg, CCU, ER, etc. Or, I could pursue something like this. I really like my job now, just wish I had more patient contact. I also hear working from home is GREAT!!!! So, here is my question. Based on my experience and future RN degree, do you think case management is something up my ally?? Also, not to sound materialistic, but what kind of pay ranges could I expect? Right now I barely make $30k a year as an examiner. I know I will make more as a floor RN, but wonder about case management? I spoke with a case manager in my area who says her company pays per hour per case. You carry a caseload of 20 cases and they each are considered 2 hours for full time. But, I never received an answer on pay scale. Just wondering if this pays more than floor RN at my local hospital. Anyways, thanks for reading and responding.
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  3. by   JonRN
    Lots of Ins. Co.s would just love to get their hands on you. I was a W/C case mgr. for XYZ ins. It was mostly telephonic, with an occasional visit with an injured worker to their MD appt. Paid 48K 4 yrs ago, with amazing benefits. Good luck, you should be able parlay your experience with the SSA into big bucks.
  4. by   jfpruitt
    Thanks for the info. I'm hoping my experience will lead to a nice position when I graduate. I'm sure my case managment here will help in some type of insurance company. The money doesnt sound bad either!!!