Is anyone had an LVN experienced in the State Prison here?

  1. I had a panel interview 2 weeks ago. And they called me today told me need to sign the employment papers. Can anyone tell me what is it like to work in the Jail? I am nervouse, scared but excited. I am not 100% positive to take the job. Until I spoke to someone. Please help me guys.
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  3. by   PedNephNurse
    I worked at the Kent County Jail in Michigan as a RN in the intake department just PRN for about a year. I got told a lot of the time I was too nice. The LVN's work hard in the jails. They did more then I think the RN's did. They are able to do pass medications, check blood pressures, check blood sugars. It is an intimidating environment because of the patient population. I definitely developed a back bone working at the jail. You have to be firm with the inmates. I never felt threatened or unsafe at any time. I ended up leaving because I was working full time and was getting a lot of calls to come in and work for people who called off on their shift.

    It's good experience for LVN's because of the amount of skills they can practice and there are a lot of protocols in place to keep you safe!
  4. by   Enaj12
    I am undecided if I would take it because of the job offer is LIMITED TERM FULLTIME. Which is my concern because I am currently working fulltime here in sub-acute in santa monica california been here for a year. And I am not sure if I would leave my job and take the Prison one. Can you please tell me if it's really a start for every newbies be limited before permanent?