Is anyone else waiting for Sac State Spring 2010 admission results?

  1. Anybody else in the same boat of anxiety?
    Since only Sac State students could apply this semester,
    I'm curious if anyone here did.
    This is probably my best chance of getting in..who agrees with me lol? There will be less competition, for sure.

    Waiting with bated breath ..
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  3. by   sacstate2010
    Hi, Vee3. I am in the same boat. I submitted my ap. on October 1, the very last day. Just yesterday registered on this site. I know we are in a big luck since only active students can apply, isn't it nice? But feel sorry for others, some of my friends could already apply if SacState won't close addmission. Anyway, congratulation. This is my first time applying. How about you? It seems so far till we know the result.
  4. by   Vidah
    Welcome to the site
    And yes, this is my first time applying. With my current points, I don't think I would've gotten in during regular admission. So I'm crossing my fingers and I am very anxious. I think they should shorten the waiting time to hear the results because they have less applications to review! How many people do you think applied? Did you hear about the number of seats that will be available? Oh and good luck!!!

    This is how I feel right now --->

    : )
  5. by   sacstate2010
    Wow, then it's defenetely your time(I mean about the points), but don't be anxious at this point. I asked Teri if they will give result earlier since they have less applicants and she said that they will try to finish it by Thanksgiving, however I also thought that it should be earlier. I have no idea how many applied. I think they will still have many because this time applied those who wouldn't do it other time, but the cut off points will be lower, that what I was told, so hopefully we will be classmates for Spring 2010. Sounds great,ah?
    I just emailed Mary Ann and asked about number of applicants so if she lets me know I will post it.
    Do you know how many points you have? I don't know mine because I applied for some extra and don't know how many they will give me. My points from GPA and TEAS - 78
  6. by   sacstate2010
    OMG, Mary Ann is so great, she already answered. So, how many do you think, any idea?
  7. by   Vidah
    Uh I don't even know about the points..however, please do post when you get an answer from Mary Ann!!

    Oh and 78 is very good. Me? not so much, lol I am not sure how much I have, though. I'm almost embarrassed to say it's probably in the low 60s.

    Does anyone else have lower than 70? lol
  8. by   sacstate2010
    Oh, don't be embarrased, that is the reason why it IS SO HARD to get in. I know some people who already applied 3 times. Do you qualify for some extra points like experience, or bilingual, or financial? Did you applied to other places? I met one girl, she works in bookstore on campus, and she said she applied twice to SacState and this time she got into Las Vegas and she is moving there. I didn't apply anywere else since I can't move.

    Ok, for Spring 2010 applied 177. Do you think it's a lot? I think it is, but much better than in the regular semester, right?
    I really hope you get in.
  9. by   Vidah
    She gave you a number already? Hmm 177 is better that usual but not such a low number (at least it's not 387!).
    However, I believe everyone who has the slightest chance probably decided to apply this time. I've heard of someone who had points in the low 40s (applied for the heck of it I guess, since that person was eligible to apply). So now I don't even know how it's going to pan out. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Oh and did you get the number of seats available?
  10. by   sacstate2010
    Yep, I think that 177 is a lot for just a SacState students and I am sure that every one who had even a slightest chance did apply, but unfortunately not everyone would be addmitted. I didn't ask the number of seats, but it's probably going to be around 60. I am ok now, but for sure will be so anxious in November, don't even know how I will handle it.

    Who else applied?
  11. by   sacstate2010
    Hey, I got in. I am so happy. Who else is starting in Spring of 2010? Now I am looking for CPR class, anybody else?