Insulin pen organization

  1. Hello everyone.
    How do you organize your insulin pens on your med cart?
    I work in a LTC facility and have so many. We keep them in our top drawer and have to keep the bags they come in as well. The drawer is so messy looking.
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  3. by   blondy2061h
    Do they not fit in the patient's individual drawer?
  4. by   Nurseb52
    We have the cards that hold 30 pills and the drawers are set up to hold those. We have a wide drawer on top that holds the pen needles, accu check machine and supplies. All injectable meds and eye drops. A smaller drawer for inhalers. We have 2 large drawer on the side for bottles like pro-stat, uti stat, etc.
    It got messy when we had to make room for house stock otc medications. So many.