insulin flexpen, how does it work?

  1. For those of you who use the insulin flexpen, how do you work it?

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  3. by   Ayvah
    -unpeel the sticky from a new needle, screw it on and take off the cap
    -move the dial to 2 units. Press the orange button at the end and you should see liquid come out.
    -turn the dial to the amount of units the patient needs, verify with another RN if needed/desired.
    -Pinch up the skin for sq shot, press the needle into the skin, hold it in while then pressing the button. The button will make clicking noises as the units are given. Hold the button down and keep pressing the pen into the fold of skin for an additional 6 seconds after the clicking noise stops. If you push the needle in, and hit the button but you don't give all the insulin, you need a new needle for the rest of it because the safety device will activate, preventing the needle from being used again.
  4. by   Sylv