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    I would like to know if anyone knows about being a independent contractor for a medical company? I just talked to two companies who are willing to use me as a nurse educator for there in home medical equipment. They don't promise how much work you would receive, nor do they consider you their employee. you must file your own 1099 and they deliver the medical supplies to my home. I then, have the responsiblity of teaching the customer how to use the equipment for a set fee. Has anyone done this or is doing this? And are there any legal issues I should be concerned about. any help would be appreciated. :uhoh3
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  3. by   Metots
    Did you find any info on this? I am looking to do this also- I was inserviced just this weekend by 2 RNs that weren't to forthcoming with information..
  4. by   RN1989
    I would start by asking to see the usual contracts that they have their independent contractors sign. Then take it to an attorney for review. If they don't have a contract that they use, make one of your own, have it reviewed by an attorney and ask the company to sign it. If they aren't forthcoming or willing to do this, you don't want to risk working for them.

    You also should speak with a CPA about taxes/ss/etc.

    I would also be asking questions regarding what education/orientation they will be giving you. Do they have a written job description? Don't forget that you will need to get your own liability insurance.