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  1. I was wondering if there were some PDN's out there who could give me some advice. I have worked private duty peds in home for the past 8 years, I work through an agency but would like to know how it works when you are on your own. How do you find patients, who do you bill, how do you deal with your own health and other insurance? I'd appreciate it if someone could take the time to help me with these questions. Thanks
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  3. by   James Huffman
    I've done independent PDN in the past. My advice may be a bit outdated, but here goes:

    1. I got patients through referrals: through contacts at hospitals, doctors' offices, and general word of mouth.

    2. Be careful about taking on a case that you've worked with before through an agency -- there is very likely a non-compete clause in some of the paperwork you've signed. I'm not saying this can't be done, just that you need to make sure you're on the page with the agency requirements.

    3. Billing is tough, and, frankly, I wouldn't recommend that someone do it. What I did was bill the clients (or their families), provide them with an itemized receipt, and let THEM file with their insurance provider. Of course, that means they have to put up the money up front, but the alternative is your providing the money (through your services and time) up front.

    4. There are a couple of options for health insurance: an individual policy through a private agent (expensive, but costs can be kept somewhat under control if you opt for a sky-high deductible), by working part-time at a facility that provides health insurance, or -- as I do, because we are all in excellent health -- self-insuring. What "other" insurance are you thinking about? If liability is a concern, I don't recommend it (which I've covered many times on here, as a search of the archives will certify : ) but buying it is not a big problem: grab a copy of any journal, and there should be several ads there, and the costs are usually around $100 per year. An internet search would probably give you roughly the same information.

    Jim Huffman, RN
  4. by   rambisisking
    Thank you very much James, you gave me some places to start.
  5. by   Kashia
    In California LVN's can work independant and become a provider receiving their money from medical or DDS, in other words you work for yourself, do your own billing and make better money