In a perfect world...

  1. Nurses tend to be an unhappy, confused, yet hopeful lot. I no longer practice nursing due to my disability, but I am working to improve the lives and experiences of my collegues in spirit. So please tell me,
    "In a perfect world, what one thing would you change about your working environment?".
    This question is posed to all RN's; when responding please indicate your specialty, if applicable, and # of years in nursing practice. I will keep members informed of results.
    Thank you

    May the Light protect you from Harm
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  3. by   OB4ME
    In a perfect world...nurses would be recognized as essential partners with the doctors in patient care! Many doctors do not seem to realize that they could not do their job if we were not there in the hospital! I would also like to add that patients would also recognize the amount of knowledge an RN has-and that our role includes so much more than just starting IVs and passing meds!

    I work in labor and delivery-have been in OB for 3 years. Many of our patients don't realize that I'M the one making sure that their baby is tolerating the stresses of labor, receiving proper oxygenation! The patients often think the doctors are in the hospital, waiting for the delivery! In reality, the doctors literally walk in just to catch the baby-barring any unforeseen emergencies. And the doctors almost never recognize how much we L&D nurses do for them! How little sleep they would get each night on call, if we were not there!
  4. by   RSDRN
    Thanks for taking the time to write. As I gather and catalogue responses I will keep you posted on the results. Please encourage any of your collegues who would like to respond to this question but who are not yet members to e-mail me with their response. E mail address for this research is

    May the Light protect you from Harm