Imich 2002

  1. international mobile informatics conference in healthcare

    a presentation of:

    pda cortex , caring &

    the institute for johns hopkins nursing

    the international connection for solution seekers and mobile it
    implementers in healthcare.

    imich 2002, the second annual interdisciplinary conference addressing the
    issues necessary to harness the potential of mobile informatics technology
    and leverage the mobile computing platform at the point of care.

    the ongoing evolution of wireless technology, and mobile device capabilities
    is changing the way healthcare practitioners interact with information
    technologies. the growth and acceptance of mobile information technology at
    the point of care, coupled with the promise and convenience of data on
    demand, creates opportunities for enhanced patient care and safety.

    this mobile revolution will create critical, system-wide healthcare and it
    challenges that must be understood and addressed to maximize the delivery of
    patient care. at its core, mobile technology is creating a dynamic new
    information platform that if understood and optimized can be leveraged for
    unlimited advantage and improved efficiencies. make no mistake, clinicians
    and organizations will need to go mobile to stay competitive!

    "market evolution may eventually make doctors so reliant on wireless
    technologies they'll be unable to practice medicine without them." -
    pharmaceutical executive march 2001

    imich is the forum that brings together key industry participants and
    pioneers around the issues associated with understanding, implementing and
    maximizing mobile information technology in healthcare.


    continuing education

    the institute for johns hopkins nursing is accredited as a provider of
    continuing education by the american nurses credentialing center's
    commission on accreditation. approval for contact hours is pending.

    fun stuff:

    imich 2002 .... make it ;-)

    see you there!


    pda cortex
    "first hand intelligence"
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