I'm new, any Minnesota nurses here?

  1. I have been reading the posts here for a couple of days and think I remember seeing posts from some Minnesota nurses. I am 45 and will be going back to school this fall to become a BSRN. My plan is to get my CNA this summer and work part time while in school. Any advice/insights on nursing in Minnesota? Thanks!
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Hi J in Mn. I wish you luck in your future profession. Minnesota is a good place to be a nurse (in my humble opinion). Depending on where you are going to school, the idea of working as a CNA while studying may be a good idea. What have you been doing that you are now choosing nursing in your 40's? The idea of getting your BSN is a good choice at your age (I'm older than you, don't take offense- as we age, our bodies break down and having your BSN gives you more options in nursing than an ADN would give you).
  4. by   PrincessAnnie
    Hi. I am from Brooklyn Park,MN and goint to LPN school. I may go back for RN later. I know a few nurses and it is a great career for our area of the country.