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Hello Everyone, I have been a "lurker" on this board for some time and really enjoy reading your comments about the nursing profession. I am however a little unnerved by the negativity some of... Read More

  1. by   SteveNNP
    I'm glad this subject came up again.... My NICU just had a grief workshop to help the nurses and physicians verbalize the struggles and sorrows that come with taking care of critically ill babies who sometimes pass away, often after we've taken care of them every day of their life for months at a time... There were lots of tears, repressed memories were brought up, and everyone's feelings were laid out in the open. We all had a chance to talk about the hardest parts of our job, but also share with each other the small joys of what we do, like teaching a baby to eat, or help a first-time dad hold his preemie son for the first time. We all began to realize that wherever you go and whatever the job, what we do is SO important, and that we MAKE A DIFFERENCE every day!! I have days where I cry all the way home in my car (yes, a guy crying....) but I come back for the good days where I save a baby's life or earn a heartfelt hug from a sobbing parent taking their baby home.... I live for those moments while at the same time live through the bad moments. You CAN find something good in what you do no matter where you are if it's what you are meant to do... So, world....plan on having me around taking care of your babies and children 'til the day I retire...........
  2. by   scrubsnhugsRN
    Heck I am still scared!! But I will tell you this, good days and bad days, I am still thankful to have become a nurse. It is scary starting out, everything is new, work dynamics are new, and trying to make sure you caught every md order, every med given, teaching done, charting done, and mabye in all of this you make one of your patients smile, and another to feel empowered, and one you bring back from near death while thier family is in the room. There is nothing better, I had a day like this yesterday, and truly it brings me back to why I wanted to become a nurse.
    Life is a rollercoaster, just like nursing, good days and bad, you just have to hold on and enjoy the ride!:roll
  3. by   lauralassie
    You'll do fine. It took many years for me to become this burnt. But even though I'm burnt. I still know why I'm in nursing. It's because of the pt's (most of them anyway). My daughter is a teacher, she has the same admin, parent, lawyer,no time stress issues we have. Just part of life. Glad we have a place where we can vent.