Im getting a university diploma, how do I get a degree or masters?

  1. I really want to up my qualification, but it seems that jobs will only second emploies for the higher quilification part time over 2-5 years and to pay for it yourself in britain is about 8000 ($13,000) in collage fees... are there other faster / cheaper ways?
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    Im not even gonna answer that...


  3. by   lisamct
    How far into your Diploma are you? Most Uni's will offer students the opportunity to ''upgrade'' to the degree after 2 years if your grades are good enough.
    If this isnt an option, you could try evening classes, I did several modules towards my degree this way at my local uni, I think they cost around 250/module, already having a diploma you would have to do I think 8 of these, @2 years and 2000. I think you'd have to wait till after you qualify to do this but Im not sure.
    Many uni's also offer these modules via distance learning so you can easily do themwhilst you work once youve qualified.
    Hope this helps,all this from someone who never actually got around to finishing their degree!!
    (waving to you from sunny scotland)
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