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Would you choose nursing as your said career? I am interested to see the responses from you all. I would do exactly as I did and seek nursing out as early as I did in my life. Nursing has given me... Read More

  1. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    I wouldn't have wasted 4 years after high school being a hairdresser (although I did sow my wild oats before settling down) I would have skipped LVN and gone directly for my ADN and eventually my BSN.

    My dream job would be a marine biologist on a boat somewhere studying ocean life. Not sure I could have handled all the science courses required.
  2. by   SteveNNP
    I would definitely do it all over again. I went to college for pre physical therapy with the goal of being a PT. Two days into classes I changed my major to nursing and haven't looked back. There are other careers I could see myself in, always wanted to be a 3rd grade teacher or study British Literature. But while those professions would be fun, none would bring me the same degree of life fulfillment, passion and joy that being a neonatal intensive care nurse brings. While there are days I rail against the system that constantly shortchanges their nursing staff, rail against the parents of my babies that have hurt their innocent babies with drug use, promiscuity and poor lifestyles. I rail against the society we're in that says it's ok for babies to have babies, and "we'll pay for it" (medicaid, wic, SSI) regardless of the fact that you have the latest cellphone, and fancy clothes. I rail against the failed state child protection agency who allows helpless babies to go home to horrible environments, and ignores the law that says that if mom is caught doing drugs while pregnant, she can't keep her baby, just goes to jail. I rail against the poor working conditions nurses must sometimes endure, low pay, disloyal managers, backstabbing coworkers, and rude doctors.

    But in all of this I still find joy in what I do. I am fortunate to work in a supportive environment with a good manager, excellent physicians and wonderful coworkers. Sometimes I take all the bad of nursing and weight it against the good, questioning whether I'd do it again. Yes, I would. WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We are the number one trusted profession. I am respected at work, at home, and with my peers. People I know are always commenting on how they wish they could do what I do. These are people doing the jobs so many of you said you'd like to do...accountants, teachers, environmentalists. While they have found a certain level of satisfaction in their work, they are always comparing it to what I do.... I know that all work environments aren't the same, and that each of us needs to find our niche in nursing. Mine is in the NICU, and always will be. There isn't a day I don't wake up knowing that today I will make a real difference in a baby's or parent's life. My goal is to achieve my neonatal NP degree in the next few years, while continuing to work as a bedside nurse. So my answer again is YES!!!