If you could start your education over, would you still choose nursing? - page 2

I see so many unhappy nurses on this forum! I have completed one semester of nursing school, and with three to go, I'm having second thoughts! The hospitals in our area are claiming to be on the... Read More

  1. by   Patricia Smith
    Yes, Yes, Yes! I would definitely chose nursing again! (Of course with some minor changes!) #1 I would have continued on with my masters immediately--when we wait--we lose. I would have gone into administration and been a strong nursing advocate! #2 You are right, with nursing you can get a job anywhere--so, why not pick a state that has organized active nursing unions? At least there would be a forum to bring all of nursing issues too #3 I would have started earlier--(did not enter nursing until my 30's) Money is an issue that is close to all of our hearts--it makes the fat easier to swallow! But, I really love what I do.....I am exhausted but fulfilled. We are all "angels of mercy" and I pray for all of us. The decision must be made by our head but felt in our heart! Good luck to you my Friend!