i need you guys!!! pct knowledge

  1. hi i just finished up my class for my cna and also the ekg & pheleb so as you can see i m going to be a pct im just a lil scared about getting a job i dont feel prepared enough. but my question is do they retrain you in the hospitals or do they just put u straight to work and expect u to know what your doing.also im a lil confused on there pay rate i live in nyc and if you guys can tell ME if they do recieve raises and how long after hired do they get it. i think that does it! thanks in advance guys your the best

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  3. by   catwoman66
    They will give you an orientation period when you will be paired with an experienced pct. Ask for more orientation if you feel that you need it. Every hospital may do things differently and if you change jobs, you should always have an orientation period and learn how they want things done. Don't come across as if you know everything at your next job or at any time in this job. If you show up to work when you are suppose to and are respectful of other pct, nurses, and other staff, and do the work that is assigned to you, then you should have no problem getting raises. Believe it or not, the qualities I mentioned are rare and hard to find in pcts. If you demonstrate to them that you have those qualities, you will be very valued by the nurses & they will tell the unit manager. That is how you will get raises. Good luck!
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    thanks soooooooooo much