I need to find a job!

  1. Hi everyone! I will be graduating on April 27, 2002 and I have know idea where I want to work. I have my interest in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or renal. I interviewed for NICU and I honestly had a bad interview. The interview was at a job fair. I wasn't thinking clearly and I should have made an appointment to schedule an interview instead of going in there and making myself look stupid. I know the interview did not go well I found myself getting stuck on the simplest questions I was asked. I have been very depressed the past few days because a friend got accepted and she was even interested in NICU. Don't get me wrong I am happpy for her but I am unhappy because it seems that most of my classmates have 2-3 job offers while I have none. I am terrified of going into critical care and I know that telemetry is big in my area. My EKG skills are very poor. My question to all of you is what should I do? Also, if I went telemetry would I receive EKG and a complete orientation.
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  3. by   Agnus
    sounds like you need a big dose of preparation and rehearsal. Don't try to wing it in interviews. Try to anticipate every question that might conceivable be thrown at you in an interview.

    To help you do this go to the library and find books about getting a job (not just nursing) they always have sample interview questions. Ask people not just nurses the kinds of questions they have faced on interviews. Then write all these questions down and write your well though out answer to each one. Then study it. Practice answereing questions in front of a mirror with a tape recorder and or in front of someone.

    Have a 60 second me prepaired. The me is what you want them to know most about you that makes you the best candidate for the job. It should take 60 seconds to deliver this.
    Rehearse rehearse reahearse.
    Hesitation, and showing lack of confidence will not win you any points. Prepariation says that you respect the job, the interviewer and yourself.

    Interview questions are pretty standard. Especially today. It really does not matter what kind of job you are applying for.

    Have some questions of your own prepaired. NEVER ever leave and interview without asking at least one. This means have a bunch ready because they may answere most of them before you get to ask.
    If they answer all your questions leaving you with none Then pick one and ask for more detailed information about it or clarification.

    Go after the job you think you want. Then go after ones you are willing to do. Getting a foot in the door with a less desirable job is a first step to moving t another department.

    You may have to proove yourself first on adult med serg first. You may have to work somewhere until you gain more confidence. Nursing is a broad field and you may not start out in the area that you ultimately love. ABut you can move into it later.

    Good luck! Keep you chin held high and go get em girl!

    If you are shy or nervious you have to rehearse even more than those who are not. Consider job fairs the same as a formal interview. Follow up everything with a thank you note even if you know you did not get the job.

    Ask what you can do to make yourself more competative when you are turned down. It is ok to ask this even before you are turned down.
  4. by   leeriza
    It's normal to be anxious. Just be prepared next time. Do some research about Do's and Don'ts for an interview. Go to a library and borrow a Nursing Management book who has samples questions for hiring new staffs.

    As a new grad, don't be choosy. The major thing you need now is how to get in to the working world and gain experience. Then, as soon as you find out your area of interest, you have to work your way up by asking for an orientation to different areas, trying to help other nurses in other departments, and by going back to school part-time and take some post-graduate courses. And...NEVER,NEVER STOP LEARNING. We are in a competitive world. If you snooze, you lose.

    While applying for a job, don't rely on publications only, instead, get a copy of all health facilities in your state and send resumes to each one of them, state that you are a new grad who is seeking employment and willing to face the challenge.

  5. by   Zee_RN
    If you are dead-set on the hospital you had your job-fair interview with, call the Nurse Recruiter and explain that you would like to speak with her and the manager again. Job fairs are hard places to have an interview. Tell her you would appreciate a chance to meet them face-to-face in a more personal setting and how much you want to go into NICU. Did you interview at the facility? Be frank and tell her you felt like you didn't put your best foot forward and like to review your qualifications with her again. Be prepared and be professional. And call other hospitals too

    Of course your EKG skills are poor. I don't expect a new grad to have good EKG skills (I'm a nurse recruiter). Our GNs get a 12-week orientation and, for the appropriate units, a critical care course. I would certainly hope any hospital hiring in as a GN would provide you this these opportunities also...for your sake and the patients.

    Good luck! There are plenty of opportunities out there for you! Chin up!