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OK I think I have issues...lol... some of you may know that I had recently put in my 2 week notice in at A LTC last month...becuse of the insurance rate issues....I was just hired on to another LTC... Read More

  1. by   RN2B2005
    The nurse who is giving you so much grief may well have had prior problems with nurses or other staff stealing medication and/or altering charts. It doesn't excuse her behaviour, but it might explain it.

    I worked at a veterinary clinic that had previously had a 'new hire' who began intentionally altering charts to show meds given that hadn't been--and then pocketed the difference. With injectables, she would remove the medication and replace it with sterile water. It took several months to figure it out (dogs can't tell you that hey, she didn't give me my oxycodone) and then several more months to figure out who was doing it. It turned out that she had worked at several other vet clinics, usually for a few months before they would fire her for theft.

    So, it made all of us seriously paranoid for a while, and I'm sure that the veterinary assistant hired in her place felt like we were condescending or didn't trust her--because we didn't, at least not at first.

    Just my thoughts on the subject.