I need input on which school to choose! Thanks!

  1. Hi everyone-

    I'm new to these boards and am in the fortunate position to need to decide between several schools. I'm starting school in the Spring for my ADN.

    I live w/in 15 minutes of three schools

    LA County College of Nursing and Allied Health
    Pasadena City College
    Glendale Community College

    I live an hour plus to Long Beach City College. All of these schools have comparable NCLEX pass rates. However, only Pasadena and Long Beach are NLNAC accredited. All of the programs are BRN accredited.

    I have my bachelor's degree already and was annoyed to be asked to repeat some of those classes by the administration of some of the junior colleges, so I'm not all that interested in finding out that in 5 years if I want to get my masters, my nursing degree is not recognized because of an accreditation issue.

    I've searched through the threads to read about NLN vs. BRN, I've called a few schools this week to inquire about it, and I feel I'm getting conflicting information. Less than half of the schools have the NLN.

    Would it be worth it to go to a school that is a logistical nightmare (long beach) to attend because of traffic etc. over the school that is close and JUST CA BRN accredited?

    Bh the way, I do not plan on staying in California forever. Also, I'm doing a mid-life career change and while it's unlikely that I'll pursue graduate work, I don't want to unnecessarily close a door to myself.

    Thanks in advance for your insights.
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  3. by   mhg28941
    Have you already applied to nursing school? In Illinois you have to apply and take a pre-entrance exam. There are also prerequite courses you have to have. I would get all the course work out of the way at which ever college is the most convenient to get to. If you haven't applied yet then I would do that ASAP and probably to all three schools. Once you have spent some time on campus taking courses you can get a sense of whether or not you like the school. It is my understanding that nobody really cares where you went to school as long as you pass the boards. I would opt for convenience- it going to be hard enough.

  4. by   mercyteapot
    All other things being equal, I'd choose Pasadena. That drive to Long Beach every day will wear on you, I promise.