I get to go to work tomorrow

  1. Being an LPN since 1995, retired from 20 years as a City Policeman I still love this nursing business.
    I still love to sleep in, but I still get a good feeling when I get to go to work. I am mainly a LTC nurse, because I love the old kids, and my kids of 13 and 14 like electricity at home etc. Last year I suffered a 4 dollar but to work at my local comm hospital just to learn more stuff. I love both settings. Cant say which I like more.
    At 51, I am doing the Excelsior route because in my area, I would have a BSN before I even get a seat for a bridge program here

    Just a post to let anyone know that there is still many of us who love our jobs and get to go to work in the am. I still appreciate the tons of caring people who post here, support others here. No matter what others say outside of the Nursing communities, Nurses rock. Bunch of super people exist on these forums.


    PS, I still am looking forward to Friday, my day off. Season Pass to Universal Studios and all that hehehee
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  3. by   slinkeecat
    I love your post....
    I am feeling the love!!! LOL
    I was at work today and had student nurses, so wide eyed and hopeful and it was nice.... little sponges!! I enjoyed showing them some of the tricks of the trade.... Bonus was that several of them came to me and said they liked being on my UNIT and learned alot... double bonus.... They had to fill out a survey and my boss shared them with me and complimented me... triple bonus... my hubby had dinner ready when I got home..... How cool is that?????
  4. by   PatrickJ
    Neat stuff
    Could that be Karma??
    Even if not, we would both still do it like we do I think