I can not find words grand enough to say thank you....

  1. Dear fellow nurses and friends,

    My God, I can't begin to say thank you enough for your words of wisdom, kindness, understanding and prayers. I woke this morning with the first thoughts rushing in my head of the days to come, as everyday for the past year. I could barely read your posts through my tears, I have bared this burden inside for so long and the heaviness is sometimes overwhelming. I thank God that he gave me the courage to write and talk to you. I beleive he sent each of you to ease my pain and fear. I will invision in my head you all around me....thank you.
    I realize I am only human, no patient has ever been hurt under my care, I worked in a NICU unit for 8 years, and saved more lives than I can remember. I pray they see this side of me, the person and nurse I really am,
    I pray that this never happens to anyone, I would not wish this on anyone ever. I do however wish that the hospitals would have to take some form of accountability for staffing issues....but...we all know how that works...it's sad.
    Your words of encouragement, and knowledge of what to expect and what to do have helped me today...I actually took a breath.
    I will let you know how it turns out...and I will remember that as I'm sitting in front of the boards that there are those of you out there praying for me.
    Thank you, and God Bless You,

    P.S. some of you said that I could get a lawyer if needed...since it's to late for that date, if I don't believe my punishment is fair, can I appeal and get a lawyer then?
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  3. by   sammy26
    In response to your inquiry of what it is I did not do....I had a pt. that I supposedly forgot to chart that I gave an ordered medication to. I did give the medication, however as I explained before, with having to stay sometimes many hours after my shift to catch up on charting, I apparently did not chart that I had given the ordered medication. I made a mistake. I forgot...nothing more nothing less. I take full responsibility, just hope the boards understand that no pt in my care has ever been hurt or neglected..I just plain forgot to chart, and as I have said before in the rule of nursing if it wasn't charted it wasn't done. Now I must defend myself in the fact that sometimes we are left charting after the fact, and I must have forgotten. I can not say that I am not guilty, only that I made and error. I can only pray that they will take all things into consideration and I will be able to get through this trying time in my life and career.
    Thanks for your interest...any words of advice and knowledge is greatly appreciate..as well as past experiences you may have encountered, whether from your own experience or a close nurse friend.
  4. by   theboss
    hello sammy ! if that is all that happened im sure it will all be okay.. they know that noone is perfect...it was an honest mistake they will know that..keep your head up high..you do sound much better.