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  1. As a healthcare professional, I find it tragic watching so many people die prematurely, having spent so many years coping with problems related to degenerative disease. Fewer of us are experiencing good health and fewer live long enough to die of age-related causes. Too many of us suffer the prolonged effects of degenerative disease.

    It has long been taught that we can get everything we need from our diet. Over the past 25 years, scientific research has indicated otherwise. Advanced intakes of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (at levels significantly higher than the current RDAs) are linked to reduced risk and incidence of many chronic degenerative diseases.

    So why do the vast majority of practicing physicians not offer alternative methods that promote optimal health and wellness to their patients?? Why do they not suggest nutritional supplementation that encourages wellness and provides a more "whole-body health" approach?? Instead they continue to prescribe drugs, drugs and more drugs!!

    While working in a hospital, I find it very frustrating hearing nurses referred to as "drug-pushers"! I do not believe that drugs are the ultimate solution. Perhaps they are a quick-fix. But what about the potentially harmful side-effects? Modern medecine is synthetic, focuses on symptoms only and does not emphasize prevention and self-care. Optimal levels of nutritional supplementation which are designed to provide a complete and balanced spectrum of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants can help compensate for poor nutrition and counteract free-radical damage which is the leading cause of degenerative disease. Another major benefit to this approach is over-all improved health. Can drugs offer this?

    I am associated with the world's premier science-based nutritional manufacturing company lead by a world re-known scientist. It is changing the lives of thousands of people all over the world. This company manufactures pharmaceutical-grade products and has a written guarantee for product potency and quality formulation. They adhere voluntarily to the strictest industry standards of the "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP) for pharmaceuticals, as outlined by the FDA, and is the only non-pharmaceutical company to have vitamin supplements listed in the American PDR and the Canadian CPS.

    Hundreds of health care professionals in the US , Canada and several other countries around the world are joining together and sharing these products and the vision of living in a world free from pain, suffering and disease, and of loving life, and living it to its fullest in health and happiness. I invite you to join our extraordinary team of professionals and share our vision. Together we can make a difference!

    E-mail: kevkurt@nbnet.nb.ca
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  3. by   Unifyer
    I enjoy the field of nursing, but I would like to not be considered a "drug-pusher" as some have called me. What is this company called so I can contact them myself.
  4. by   BeeStrong
    Sorry but your post sounds like some sort of advertisement for your nutritional products company you are pushing. I have never heard patients or families refer to nurses as "drug pushers" and I have been in ths business a long, long time. Many doctors and nurses DO stress nutritional prevention of disease and actually people in this countryare living longer,more productive lives than ever before in history. Where are your facts? What are the statistics, evidence for your argument? It sounds like nothing more than an ad, besides many nutritional products do nothing but cause more problems, we had a patient who had to have three surgeries after being on Nutrifast diet and slimfast is no better. Good balanced diet from all food groups is best, moderation in all things. Bee Strong, RN