I am an RN with a BSN who wants to work abroad..

  1. I am an RN with a BSN who is only English speaking. I'd like to travel abroad. Is this possible?What are the necessary qualifications
    (e.g. work experience, med/surg,etc) to be able to work in places like Greece, Switzerland, China, etc?

    Thank you,
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  3. by   loaparker
    Hello Anna,
    Ever thought about working in Australia! I am in the 'opposite' situation, I am an American living in Australia- where I have switched careers and am currently finishing nursing school here. I am in the outback and it is fantastic to be in the hospital here- we have first world technology and work with 3rd world medical conditions.

    Way of life here is 'America 50 years ago' and very laid back. American RN's can transfer right in, I know that much. You would have to get sponsored by a hospital- perhaps go to the Australian Nursing Federation website and follow their links for internationally trained nurses.

    Good Luck!