1. need info about hypothyroidy...and can't find anything interresting. Got to teach a patient about what's hypothyroidy and the implications in his life...
    help please
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  3. by   Jenny P
    Try "hypothyroidism"; I got 50 "hits" when I just typed it into my Metacrawler "Search" box. I think you just had a problem translating it to English.
  4. by   nursy_ann
    Doesn't work for me
  5. by   Jenny P
    try this

    or this

    or this

    They are there on the Web. Maybe try a different search engine than you are currently using (Metacrawler is my favorite), but even "Ask Jeeves" has lots of info.
  6. by   mother/babyRN
    I have hypothyroidism which was picked up at a routine screening. My STSH was high. The autoimmune form, which I have, is called "Hashimoto's Throiditis"...You can differentiate between hypothyroidism and autoimmune hypothyroidism, by having your antimicrobial antiboidies drawn. No difference in treatment, just can pin down the etiology.
    In a pregnant patient with early onset hyperemesis, they often do the thyroid panel because thyroiditis can cause those symtoms. Thyroiditis is implicated following childbirth also and there are studies linking it to post partum depression.
    Often genetic and most often affecting females...I remember feeling sluggish and cold. I just thought being tired all the time, blue and feeling out of sorts was because I was working nights.So did any doc I met. Synthroid has been helpful regulating me and you should encourage anyone diagnosed with either hypo or hyper thryroidism to consult an endocrinologist to monitor them regularly and adjust their meds until they are within range of thyroid levels.... Mention they might, as I did, be initally ticked off and not accepting that they have to take a pill for the rest of their life, and throw in how important thyroid function is to the rest of the body, particulary the heart...Depression is another big part of hypothyroidism, which isn't treated...
    Any specific questions, please feel free to ask....Also, many cold or cough medicines should NOT be given to people having been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid....
  7. by   KellieRN
    I have hypothyroidism, I am 23 now, and was diagnosed with it when i was 16. The symptoms were tired, gained about 20 pounds in three weeks, irriatable, always feeling "blue", my memory was even starting to slip away from me at such a young age, I have been on synthyroid before, and it didnt work for me, it does for some people, the only thing that worked for me is Levoxyl.......as a woman with an underactive thyroid, my menstrual cycle was always messed up too, so i had to get on birth control to regulate taht, it is VERY IMP. to see an endocrinologist,and ALAWYS GET A SECOND OPINION......never believe what just one doc says to be true.......it is important for the thryoid patient to also avoid certain medications ........always read labels on pill bottlees before taking any medication......and always eat a well balanced meal, and exercise dailly, b/c weight tends to stay eaiser on us............hope i helped..............