1. Hi all. Hope y'all dont mind that I have logged on. I am a Paramedic going to RN school. Just looking for ideas and any help that you can give me. I am doing home study program for my RN. I have been a paramedic for 8 years and I also teach EMT and Paramedic school. Thanks for any help or support. Michael
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  3. by   Shellelise
    Welcome aboard Mike!Be sure to come over to the Million Nurse March BB too.And Good luck studying to become an R.N.

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  4. by   McIndia
    Welcome aboard Mike!! I wish you all the best in your transition from one side of the stretcher/cot to the other...I haven't been logged on here very long but, I believe if it's help you're looking for you have probably come to the right place...I will be intrested in hearing how your home study is going...I plan to start my MScN next August by doing some home study......Good Luck......

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  5. by   Caroline
    Hey Mike,
    Im new too. Youll get a lot of good advice here. It seems like everyone is so nice and eager to help. Sorry I cant give you any help, I dont know much about the home study program and Im still finishing my prerequisites for nursing. BUT I hope you dont mind me asking YOU some questions.
    My boyfriend wants to become a paramedic! He lives in Canada. Would you happen to know what the programs are like there? And what would be the best advice you could give someone who is thinking about studying to be a paramedic? Thanks so much! And the best of luck to ya!
  6. by   JillR
    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to this BB. I also have an EMS background and found that my assessment skills and experience made life alot easier in Nursing School. I also found that the knowledge I picked up in nursing school helped alot in the field. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.