How to talk to the DON

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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    We generally have a central "float list"name, date, shift, and location--- (keep a copy for yourself in case the original is "lost"). The FLOATER is responsible for their own entry onto the list.

    Staff can "volunteer" to float on a day when they're in the mood. If no volunteers, the numbers don't lie.

    Everyone is required to float, and everyone is required to be fair about it. We don't generally have a problem.
  4. by   CaliNurse
    Ohbet, you stated it nicely hear. I would explain it to her in the same words. Explain to her that you want clarification on it because you notice that you are the only one floating. We also keep a log and everyone is required to float. It may be something the DON is not aware of. I know when we report to our DON in some cases she will ask how long has this been going on??? She is honestly not aware of it. I do have an extremely fair DON so it makes is easier. I wish you luck,