How to get ccm. certification in fla.

  1. I need some input from all of you out there. I have my associate degree in nursing,worked in a dual diagnosis facility(psyche,and substance abuse) as a nursing supervisor for 10yrs.Also did some home health visits with psyche pts;and 5yrs working with developmentally disabled patients also as a nursing supervisor and an assistant DON. Folks I am really really tired of instutional work,and thinking about working from home.

    I thought about chart reviews, but have no idea of where to start. I came across the case manadgement info. on certification and really love the idea, and thimk that would work better for me.

    Please help me, I live in florida, what is the best way to get certified. Should I go to a community college, that way I probably would recieved some clinical exp.with a ccm, or is there an insurance company out there would train a nurse. I am currently unemployed at this time,and thinking of what move to make .
    appreciate all your input.
    Country queen.
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