How to delegate? New nurse here...

  1. Soooo- I am almost done my 12 week orientation on a med surg floor as a new nurse... I honestly do not know why I feel uncomfortable/guilty delegating to the CNA's but I do for some reason... I am 23 and most of the CNA's are in their 40's or 50's so I think that may be a factor in this situation..?

    I feel bad like pawning off some of the "dirty" work but in all honestly I do not mind helping when I can (and I do) but other times during med passes or a critical situation I just can not lend a helping hand with personal care or toileting... Does anybody have any tips for a new nurse with delegation??

    I guess I just do not know how to politely ask the CNA to bring somebody to the bathroom or do mouth care or etc. without sounding like a lazy nurse I guess is point I am trying to get?.... I feel like because I am so young they don't really take me seriously?

    Sorry this is so long I am just so new to delegating and it is very uncomfortable to me...
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