How to become a Nurse Esthetician?

  1. Hi guys! I just passed the NCLEX-RN in California. I'm a new grad with no experience at all. I was looking into the kinds of jobs I would be interested in to work as a nurse and I came across nurse Esthetician. I was wondering what are the steps I should take to become a nurse Esthetician even if I'm a new grad. How much does a nurse Esthetician make compared to a nurse in a hospital? Is there any relevant things that I need to know before I pursue this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I just don't even know where to begin.
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  3. by   lilaclover6984
    I'm in Canada so it may be a bit different but I worked as a Nurse Esthetician for about a year. I'm back to hospital nursing because the pay was wayyyy too little in Esthetics. It's only really good money if you can get your own clinic started.
    As far as getting hired I just went in to a clinic with my resume and applied. They did all the training there for me and it was pretty extensive.
    Would have been a pretty awesome job if it weren't for the pay. Though I do have a friend that stuck it out for a couple years working under that same MD and was eventually able to get enough experience and money to open her own small clinic and now does quite well with it.
  4. by   DoeRN
    You may have to go back to school for that. It could be lucrative if you have your own clinic. I have a friend who opened a spa and she is doing very well. But she had to go back to school to be certified. She worked PRN at the hospital and a lot of her clients were from the hospital.

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  5. by   LadyMystic
    Thanks you guys for the input!

    Lilaclover-I'm also very curious in starting my own business one day so that's very interesting. I was wondering is your friend an RN? And how long did she work under the MD until she felt ready to start her own clinic?

    DoeRN-I'm trying not to go back to school for a aesthetic license, but if it is a must then i'm considering it. But i was wondering is it possible for an RN to work without an aesthetic license and start a clinic?
  6. by   DoeRN
    I'm sure you can start a clinic but you may have to hire people to perform those services. Check with your state board of health.

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  7. by   coldviva204
    Hi Lilaclover,

    your reply has given me alittle hope. Im a registered nurse living in canada, i'm not too familiar with health care regulations in canada. I've had this idea for a long time of opening up my own esthetics clinic, with laser treatments and injections. You said you're friend had opened one up? did she need to get a physician involved or can she work alone in that clinic? What are the legal regulations? and what is clinics name? I'm really lost as to where to even begin and having a person who has already done this would give me great hope to initiate thanks!