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Hello. . . Tonight I'm taking care of 12.5% of our hospital's population!!! Yep, I have one patient. He's quietly sleeping with a cardiac monitor reading normal sinus rhythm. By the way,... Read More

  1. by   KyRNBSN
    I'm not as rural as some of you but we have a 49 bed hospital with 6 of those as ER beds and 4 ICU beds. Anything more serious than a R/O MI is transferred. On the top floor of the hospital is an extended care facility which is not associated with the hospital. but we sometimes float there to help if they are short on staffing. Our OR has one suite and the same nurse works the OR everyday.. She takes all the OR call and is always available. our average census here lately has been less than 10. I worked christmas day and we had 4 patients.
    I rather enjoy working here as opposed to some of the larger facilities. I've learned more about other departments than I Could have at any of the larger facilities and love the fact that I can train for ICU here when they actully have a patient. (usually the ICU holds overflow more than anything else.)

    It's a great place!
  2. by   gr8nurse4u
    The last hospital I worked in was very small. 3 beds in the ER, 2 beds for "ICU", 1 bed suite for new a mother, and 20 beds med-surg. Yup, 23 beds total (on the floor)! Our lowest census would have been ZERO. Just an RN and LPN waiting for something to come into the ER door. Our average was between 6 to 14 patients. It was a great place to work if you didn't mind living 70 miles from the nearest McDonalds. (The nurses were excellent).
    At night, one of the two doctors or one of the tow PA's was on-call ... They had to come to the ER (from home) for every ER patient and take calls about any of the inpatients needs.
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