How late after your shift do you stay at work?

  1. Recently, my unit manager asked us all to write an email explaining why we are clocking out after our scheduled shift. This is to be agter every late clock out.

    While I am a new RN, I have a feeling this issue is not limited to being a new grad learning time management.
    There are so many factors that affect wheter or not you get out on time.

    I'm curious, on average, how long after your shift do you stay, giving report, documenting, etc? What kind of circumstances get in the way of you clocking out on time? If you dont mind also sharing, hiw many years experience do you have in acute care?

    I will share: I have six months exp. I often stay 30 min-1 hr after shift. It's be less or more on occasion.
    factors that affect me: interruptions during report, late admissions or discharges, late med passes, having to complete documenting, giving report to mulitple nurses, a generally hectic day, just to name a few.
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