How hard to get a position in ICU when ultimate goal is CRNA school?

  1. I am looking at getting my BSN with the thought (at this point) of working and then going back to school to get my CRNA. Knowing that I have to get ICU experience before even applying, how hard is it to get a job if people know that you are thinking CRNA school might be a possiblity?

    Should you keep it a secret? I know that, realistically, that there is no guarantee that I would even end up pursuing it...I may either just decide that I am done with school, enjoy the nursing experience so much that I don't want to or not get into CRNA school... but just wondered if others who had CRNA as their goal experienced any difficulties getting the ICU position/experience or having people resent them b/c they were only planning to be there for a year or two.
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  3. by   cruisin_woodward
    Don't tell any one you want to go to CRNA school. It is a lot of money to train someone when they may leave in one year. Just keep it to yourself! There is a pre CRNA inquiry forum on here under specialties that may be helpful...
  4. by   CRNA2007
    Don't mention it to people in the ICU as well. Other co-workers will give you a hard time about it as well. Just do a good job and when your time is in and you start applying you will need some references and problably a recommendation from the director as well. So do a good job don't complain and keep an eye your goals.
  5. by   cruisin_woodward
    Yeah, I've noticed a lot of the ICU nurses will get kind of bitter about it... Just get a feel for who you can trust, and most places want a letter from your boss, so do what you can to impress... Good luck
  6. by   potentialbsn
    Thank you for your valuable advice!!!!